Make a quilt block every day for a year! AGAIN

A brand new 365 Challenge! This time, called Star of Wonder, every block celebrates all things celestial, astronomical and heavenly.

This quilt pattern has been over 5 years in the making. I'm so excited to share it with you! I will be finishing my quilt right along with you this year. I'm only about half-way.

Just like last time, I'll present a new quilt block, every day, for 365 days. Your challenge: To complete the blocks every day, and build a stunning 80" square sampler quilt.

The fun is in not knowing which block you will get each day!

Techniques Used

This quilt is ADVANCED level and I do not advise that beginners start here! The pieces are very small, and you require competence in a number of techniques. The instructions are written for experienced quilters.

We use a collection of different techniques:

  • rotary cutting and machine piecing;
  • applique (although you are welcome to use your favourite method, not just needleturn applique)
  • foundation piecing (some of the blocks are too complex to make by machine any other way);
  • a little English paper piecing;
  • LOTS of set-in seams (Y-seams).

This time, I have included a block outline in every pattern, for hand-piecing and template enthusiasts, so that you can easily adapt the patterns.

Can I SEE how you made this block?

I have made videos when a new technique is introduced and when the block involves something tricky! Not every day, but there to support you when you need it and to clarify the instructions.

Block Availability and Delivery

How long are the blocks available?

Forever! They will always be here for you to refer to, download and pick up where you left off when life gets in the way.

At the end of every month, I will publish all the month's blocks, articles and notes in one PDF. At the end of the year you will have the entirety in one big PDF!

This is the only group which will be working right along side me.

Can I get a daily email?

This involves a lot of administration for me and I've phased it out. Your blocks will be here waiting for you every day in Teachable. 


The quilt is assembled on a 20 x 20 grid of 4" x 4" squares (finished; 4½" x 4½" unfinished). This makes the final quilt 80" x 80".

I originally designed the quilt as a 'mystery quilt' so the placement of the blocks is not very obvious! I will give the placement of each day's block on the grid.

If you use a design wall, feel free to set it up like this:

Do I have to label the blocks, or keep them in order?

Yes. It's a good idea to label the blocks with their date!


All the patterns, images and text on this website are copyright © Kathryn Kerr.

Copyright applies to all my patterns, even if they are free.

Patterns are provided for personal use only, and must not be copied or distributed. This also means you may not reproduce or upload them on any other website, including Pinterest and Instagram.

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